Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Sherry Shriner has to be one of the craziest nut cases walking the American streets.

Her mental disorders qualify her to be institutionalized but the U.S. doesn't want to waste it's money on someone that will not appreciate the help(electro shock, thorazine,etc....). My friends older brother had a Ph.D and worked at McDonalds because of all the Thorazine he took for being a legal psychopath so in short anyone can be educated but not everyone can have sanity.

I do not have to speak the volumes of criticism this person has earned but instead will keep you up to date on her frail state of mind.

Why is Sherry Shriner a religious nazi nut case. Sherry says everyone is working for Satan, then she wants GOD's avenging Angel or Satan to settle her personal problems. Hitler wanted to convert everyone to his ideology and those that didn't follow ended up dead, Sherry wants people to follow her but when they don't she want's them dead. Don't get me wrong here but you won't hear that kind of baloney from me. I do believe GOD or her Guardian Angel does watch over her which is the UFOs/lights in the sky she writes about. Sherry and the others posted here are a good example of what past humans were like giving us the varied amount of different views related to this subject. Do we have a case of history that was rewritten or misinterpreted from their view only to have millions or billions later to follow it blindly which is why having "Blind Faith" can be bad in some cases.

8-17-06 Sherry is mad and now has sent GOD to do her dirty work. We got the warning sherry look out everyone Sherry is mad:):):):):).
" The Lord has led me to no longer call upon Him for His Warrior Angels to protect and defend me or my family, but to call for His Destroyer Angels. He will destroy those who are wicked and evil and harass us. So a warning to those who need it. The Lord's patience is done with you and my patience is done as well. You have been warned."

This is the love that sherry spreads about her GOD that is sending his destroying angels for the evil and wicked. Pssst hey sherry little tip-you are wicked, evil and satan controls your soul. How does it feel Mrs. got 3 degrees and schezophrenia to be told your working with Satan since you lack what the Bible is about love. I just had to say that since it's a favorite of hers.

8-14-06 Sherry claims souls are trapped inside dolphins and boxes, OK:):):):). She goes on to promote her other sites claiming the Bible says Satan inhabits the heavenlies, actually the Bible states that Satan was thrown down to Earth for a thousand years but my photo of Quetzacoatl does not match to the serpent she is describing or in Revelations . According to sherry everyone's GOD is Satans but her's, how twisted this is a mean spirited person. Only good thing in the article is the crap about SETI which is a fraud that diverts millions of dollars into nothing while they live high on the hog and the rest suffer at their expense of low intelligence, claimed power and definite greed.

8-6-06 Sherry has the invisiable people chasing her, did she lose her medication again. She goes on that a UFO came and then she saw a streak in the sky and then claims that was an angel. She is stupid that streak was most likely the UFO flying around and it was the GODS but does dumb-ass sherry know that, NO. She insults the GODS while praising them just like people did in ancient history, if she would just listen and research all of her history instead of part's she accepts.

Re-play for sherry: The UFOs are the GODs from ancient history, please research your Bible and other history. If you pray a lot UFOs show up maybe you shouldn't pray and that way GOD will stop chasing you around as you would say. Nobody is your enemy but yourself sherry and please stop the insane butchering of history to your dissillusioned point of view or try being subjective and neutral, people will write less negative stuff about you which is only facts from you.

7-28-06 Sherry is freaking out over abductions again and claims our Govt. has stolen over 300,000 people last year alone. Wow sherry where do you get your numbers obviously not from the UnifiedCrimeReport. Where does she get this information has she ever heard of crime which is the result of lower intelligent descisions by humans at every level of society.

7-10-06 Sherry finds the time to rip into Prophet Yahweh or Ramone Watkins. Sherry is mad that Ramone can speak with the GODS and sherry is left bitching about everyone while working for Satan(I just like saying that back too her:).

6-24-06 Sherry complains about UFOs causing her problems and that a UFO was shot down by the GOOD-GUYS but these same GOOD-GUYS she demonizes in a previous blog and claims they were shooting machine guns at her. She thinks she is in a war with Humanity and she will save everyone. She actually has some disturbed followers that believe what she writes, their loss. She then claims she threw ORGONE blasters into the water to stop chemtrails. sounds like she is polluting.

This women needs to be locked up and her kids need psychological help from the bad parenting she displays in her demeanor.

She is always using GOD in her context but has such little respect as to calling him YAH and demanding money or a home, it is really sad. In no way can she claim a relationship with GOD since her views lack any sanity about the use and respect of the GOD subject.

She has been attempting to bilk people out of their money and has recieved $12,000 and a new truck from donors.


Her other nut case sites just follow the links.


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