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Reptilian tale incestual pediophilic rape stories with good information

I will be adding links of the worst past and present day reptilian stories. I am still trying to find physical damage in the negative myths but it appears some past stories are from cultures that saw this GOD but did not understand their experience thus passing a negative story on to future generations. If you compare the good stories you will see the negative stories are questionable then add in the fact that some cultures purposely rewrote history for there own personal power trip or to keep the true secrecy of wisdom and knowledge.

Reptilian Agenda: This work was derived from Alien I will state their view:

HiddenMysteries and/or the donor of this material may or may not agree with all the data or conclusions of this data. It is presented here 'as is' for your benefit and research. Material for these pages are sent from around the world.

This articale is to show how information get's to the consumer or researcher being you via internet and discernment need's to apply in all research.

I have been doing my own research and for some reason these negative fake stories are very prominent on sites that allow third party information based on someone sending information in in the form of email, fax or letter from a self promoted researcher using hypnosis to derive information that is also called false memory syndrome. Most of the information has no links, legal research, transcripts or any credible sources of references. I then looked into how these other so-called negative abductee communal incestual pedeophilic alien rape stories emerged(yes that is stated correctly) or any similar which were done under hypnotic regression by people with a simple piece of paper behind their name claiming some form of educational level and/or they had a certain religious belief that the UFO subject does not coincide with and these folks have been writing and demonizing UFOs and related just like what was accidently done in ancient history when some people saw some of the Extra-terrestrials as one example but do we have any rape stories in any historical documents, the answer is NO unless you count Genesis as a rape story, these stories have just popped up in recent times coincidently with the creation of Hollywood movies and the lack of an official explaination of this subject, there are aboriginal rumors dating back to the 30's. This may sound really funny and unbelieveable that any educated person would risk his/her meaningless reputation to stand behind but then I realized these people are a bunch of schmucks that have no reputation and only want to make a buck so why not make fun of another sad part of our society running around trash talking a subject they know nothing about 100%. but they do have contradicting information that is educational, go figure.

I will have to clarify somethings first. This information is disturbing which is made up given the level of thought by these people that distribute this inaccurate information. They take real events by UFO contactees that are good and positive just like ancient history and add in where they want to create a sensationalism to sell books to stupid people that are guilible thus planting a thought before any judgement can be made by anyone that reads this crap without knowing it's false. It is very apparent that none of the descriptions of the Extra-Terrestrials mentioned are accurate given the fact they have spoken with me and realizing they are just like any good person with feelings, that the so-called anatomical features do not add up to what these abductees decribe is completely wrong telling me a few things that makes me believe the story was fabricated. I am doing these Extra-Terrestrials a favor by helping correct what all these morons have done by pointing out their own rhetoric and me pointing out history to challenge the un-educated that claim an educational status.

Here is the link to the story which sounds like a typical parental abuse case by a family member.
Here is the spin of information that is good. The best and most accurate statement is "The Christian church has, unfortunately transformed the Initiate-Teacher into a tempting and negative demon".

The reptilian specie was known as the Feathered Serpent or Quetzacoatl. The serpent in Revelations does not have the same descriptions like Quetzacoatl nor do the stories match up to photos, statues or petroglyphs. Go to the link below to see for yourself.


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