Friday, August 25, 2006

Australian UFO wave of lies.

Well everyone this says it all.

The cat's are out of the bag and the Australian citizens just sponsered a Govt. disinformation operation with their tax dollars brought to them in cooperation with the Australian film commision.

This is just typical of wasteful spending by these Govts. that wish to conceal the identities of our long lost ancestors (they don't seem lost). When they pay movie studios millions of dollars to make and fabricate UFOs in a hostile nature this can only lead one to believe if all those fake horror stories on the internet are from very similar source's directing the public's attention in a negative manner that would make you look bad if you are visited since this puts bad information in your brain or are they really doing that and our Govt. is controlled by bad space aliens:):):):):):)????

I speak of the scene with the family being chased by a UFO when it was viewed one word came to mind "FAKE". I mean no UFO that has been seen by me has ever displayed this behavior.

I am not sure what the real point was but theories are plentiful maybe they did it for tourism reasons:):):):):) wait according to our Govts. UFOs don't exist, huuuuhhhhh?????.

Thank you Australian Government and The Australian Film Commission while you have rampent western world problems such as crime, homelessness and starvation they find the time too make UFO photos and videos.

Well at least they didn't knock some buildings down, put antharax in the mail system, change 200+ years of history (Constitution) and then blame middle eastern people and attack a country but don't quote me on that just do some open minded research to form your own opinion.

Here are the links so enjoy the fake everything.


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