Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prophet Yahweh-Real and a very misunderstood contactee.

Prophet Yahweh or Ramone Watkins.

I like ramone but prophet is a bit more snazzy it does sell and do the women like the threads. .):).);).)

This poor guy if only he would get off his hi-chair of holi-ness he might get some where but to keep pushing a title connected to ancient history and his super powers of summoning (which anyone can do and if he can you can:) the GODS someone or group would speak with his master of salvation but something just scares em'. Is it the name?, maybe the outfit?? or what about saving his people the real ISRAELITES???.

I emailed the guy and spoke about his news segment but he is still HIGH or over ENLIGHTENED or is just going too far. It appears in his news segment he seems totally normal mellow guy but then go to his web site or read the J. Randi challenge emails and a different PROPHET or MASTER OF SALVATION seems to be doing the talking. The guy is real and can call or summon the GODS but is their a need to change your name to GOD at least it's not another Jesus. Do we need in history Prophet Yahweh known as a GOD when he is just a human in touch with the GODS like Jesus, Moses, Zarathushtra, Buddha, etc......and anyone can get in touch with the GODS.

The J. Randi challenge emails have to be the funniest thing on the internet. The guy is just infatuated with the thought of winning a million dollars but who wouldn't when you can prove that you can get the GODS to show up but this poor guy is missing the point that the GODS are trying to get AIR time at the cost of having the prophet sell out to capitalism, crap I (would have<:-) shown those morons at J. Randi for free but J. has some issues that we'll not get into for now or the other UFO morons that claim they INVESTIGATE UFO incidents. I have no problems with ramone prophet y. since my email asked for simple changes to have people understand WTF he is talking about since he claims of unlocking a secret of ancient history 25 years ago which is believeable but the name change to an old testament GOD, claiming only he is the master of salvation and then throw in your typical capitalistic venture and nothing makes sense except greed and power but he appears to be a nice guy????? in the video. Let me put this into perspective. The first Bible was written in Aramaic (Babylon, Mesopotamia, Iraq, 90210 it's a story about a man named Jed a poor mountaineer who barley kep't his family fed then one day .....oh wait that's the Beverly Hill Billies and about some guy that used his gun to get oil????:) then Hebrew, Coptic, Latin, and English (20 bad re-writes) oh did I forget one????? Greek????. Why Mesopotamia, Abraham lived in Mesopotamia before moving to Canaan and most likely spoke and wrote in Aramaic since it was a common language, the stories have been dated earlier to Mesopotamia such as the deluge and angelology, the cross and tree of life are all from this area. The story supposedly came from Egypt and the first earlyChristians were from Egypt (or were they really from Mesopotamian and the Sumerian story was re-written in Egyptian and the other cultures with similar stories?) but just written slightly different with Enki and Enlil as main GODS in Sumerian times then all the traveling that was recorded back and forth had something to do with another story with very similar historical events being written????????? this part's pure speculation of facts since we all know the OT is 2,000+years old and the NT events were written 400 years and later with other stories lend credence as well such as Zoroaster/Zarathushtra.

Prophet Y. states on his site that the original OT text was written in hebrew which is partially incorrect, he is just reading the original hebrew version of the many versions created. He also states some paranoid conspiracy and everyone else's GOD is the Devil, good going ramone. Read below. From his site. IN THE BLESSED AND HOLY NAME OF YAHWEH

YAHWEH is the Creator's name in the original hebrew language of the Old Testament.
When the hebrew was translated into EnglishYAHWEH's name was wrongly translated as Jehovah when it should have been YAHWEH.
Prophet Yahweh's name means: "prophet of YAHWEH." He is not trying to be YAHWEH. Heis only a "prophet of YAHWEH."

Prophet Yahweh has been blessed to resurrect the lost,
ancient art of summoning UFOs and actual spaceships
on command.

Prophet has discovered a Luciferian conspiracy that's designed to damn all souls to the lake of fire where they'll suffer forever. He teaches that: 1.) only the religion of YAHWEH can save souls, 2.) that Satan is the god behind all other religions, and 3.) these religions, while promising eternal life, actually damns all souls.
If you don't worship YAHWEH, this site will challenge, insult, and blaspheme your most precious beliefs about your god and your religion. So be forewarned.

Please as a good business policy do not tell your clients they are doomed by some ancient Luciferian conspiracy to a lake of fire on the first page, wait til the second:).

A flood has been recorded in So. America dating back 14,000 years and Iran at 12,000 years approximately both up beyond 11,000 thousand feet. Then throw in the fact that almost every culture has similarities of events in mythology which is our history, it's all starting to make sense.

Prophet Y. took the name of the OT GOD but is trying to free the enslaved israelites??? whatever language they spoke and wrote since in the OT they wrote in Aramaic and he is forgetting he needs to free the enslaved Babylonian's and Egyptions then flee to the chosen land of Israel after he slaughter's half his people because GOD said so(Oh this is not fair:):):):). If anything he needs to free the Palastinians whom are the real Israelites also that are being killed by European Jews or Euro-Israelites whom are their own brothers and sisters by genome.
Israel would never let him in their country.

If the Prophet just changes his name back to Ramone, tell people the GODS are your way too salvation since that is who gave you salvation, awakening or enlightenment in ancient history, end his capitalistic venture and study more history since GODS were in every culture he would get much farther in life. It doesn't help when some quack Doctor gives you a 2 minute visit and deems you mentally ill so it's very important to maintain sanity within reason.

He needs to realize other people are doing this and we are not supposed to spread good will motivated by money or fame like most humans.

Being famous and wealthy is nice but if you lose humbleness then you'll miss the point. The GODS do not charge money and only wish to help people just like ancient history.

The main point here is this is real and if people in ancient history could call these GODS then why not you.

Please see Prophet Y. in action at the link. James Randi owes P.Y. or Ramone a million dollars. James Randi claused his own challenge ommitting UFOs and is a JOKE, he's a scammer scammin on others ideas to get richer and to steal the secret knowledge which isn't a secret. It was just really funny reading the J. Randi emails seeing Ramones arrogance since he knew he had won but Randi lost and refused to pay the 1 million dollar award due to a NEW CLAUSE.

The masters official site.

J. Randi forum emails.

Remember he is real and misunderstood



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