Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whitley Strieber-Home of the Gray con man.

Whitley Strieber is another well known science fiction writer/con man. I must inform people do not buy his books or listen to his crap. What this guy has been doing is writing sci-fi books based on known UFO stories. After Communion he receieved a claimed hundred thousand letters which his wife Anne tediously reads and picks out the best stories for the books (I am quoting her actual comment).
Whitely has also bragged about these letters he recieved from other real contactees. I will be pointing out Whitley's contradicting statements that have made him quite a success to the guillible. Imagine a plagurist liar getting rich in America on the world's dime.

I think the most disturbing evidence is that Whitley in his first book was anally raped and said terribly things about his visitors but now has promoted them to GODS in a week since releasing his new book. He claims they used needles and that his visitors only came during a 10 year period while living in N.Y. but when he moved these super advanced beings that humans are slightly behind could not make it from N.Y. to Texas thus terminating his contacts.

He claims to be their interpreter, sure Whitely the anal probe just explains it all and you got PTSD(neural anal retentive sexually transmitted disease or disorder:) but we should love your new GOD that terrorizied you for many years.

How the crap did his visitors just get promoted to GOD after 20+ years.

Actually Whitley's stories changed when he started recieving mail from other real UFO contactee's and started using their material to write the Saga of Whitley Strieber of how my GOD anally rapes me and we love him and worship him anally retentively. He traumatized my loins and I loved it or maybe they were giving whitely a prostate examine and they needed a sample of seman since he has technologically less advanced GODS then other people. I did have a friend who claimed some thing raped his ass in his sleep which did require some medication and there is a myth of such entities but maybe my friend had a rough night on the town since he lived in S.F. and went to the wrong bar got drugged(you know America), did you make a wrong turn while walking whitely:).

I know for a fact these beings do not use needles or an electro-stimulator and a simple trip to N.Y. to Texas would not stop your visits which would only take them a second or two:). I just can't imagine humans slightly behind technologically or spiritually behind what flies UFOs or flying saucers/whatever that is??? since they have been known to do some pretty incredible stuff like fly at 25 miles per second or light speed(faster) in a blink of an eye, morph, change color or travel (walk, run) down light. Imagine humans dematerializing walls and travelling through them then somehow putting everything back together on a molecular level, hmmm yea we didn't have remote controls for the t.v. as a kid but 20 years before that the US had flying V's or delta jet aircraft so just maybe those long lines at airports or commutes are going to be a thing of the past but were just holding all that knowledge and technology back so we can be a less productive civilzation.

Hey Whitley here is your Tip of the Day: We humans just came out of the Flinstone era physically and thousands of years of trying to get us to be spiritual just screwed things up worse again by bad humans.

Go to or look above and see what are called "Greys" or "Grays" by the UFO community and other known ETs. Whitley has failed to describe these beings and now is using other known information Blonds or Nordics as another ploy into thinking he is in contact. He claims on C2C that blonds/nordics are at war with the "Grays". That is typical internet dis-information, prove they are at WAR Whitley, where Whitely "I see no war " except by us.

His book propmotion. He says three craft fly in the sky and then beings just appear in your room. I thought he would know this stuff.
My adventures with the green man. 10-20-05. This is where anne states that she collects the best letters for their books.
The Grays-A love story.8-17-06
Anne has no idea who the "Grays" are but then on 8-28-06 she now see's GOD as the people that anally raped her husband after 20+ years.
Seeing GOD through the visitors. 8-28-06 This tells me Whitley finally researched this subject or could it be all the fake contactee hate emails sent.
His C2C recap.
The real Grays or Greys.

Read eyepods interview with Whitely. He explains his anal probe experience and the fact he gets thousands of letters backing his wife's story up about the plagiarism they commit.

I have other information to prove his contradicting nature and will update this when given the time.(I will finish that Reptilian agenda article sometime soon.)


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