Sunday, September 17, 2006 Top 10 alien encounters debunked by morons.

The list is never ending of our World of Derelicts and PLAGIARIST.

Here is some older research done by the very evident self promoted site calling
themselves that's associated with Live whom are controlled
release or dis-information specialist(spinnilist) working with and promoting Seti(black ops
using unsuspecting reputable people) targeting so-called intelligent humans to
spread their information for The Powers at Be about the fact UFOs/Flying
Saucers/Intelligently comtrolled space craft with GODLY characters at the helm do
not exist based on hiding or not researching facts or both.

I think 99% of the human race could handle the fact if we were being visited or had
other life secretly living with us but some people do not want you to know of any
existence of other life which might have something to do with aquiring knowledge,
wisdom or real power:):):):), this part's true, nothing has changed for our GODS in how humans are supposed to communicate with them which is the same that ancient writers experienced.

The GODS want themselves to be known and are using the smarter humans to educate
other humans to whom they are through a historical stance, just like the past
cultures which left a ton of history all over the world coincidently, nothing is
taught or looked at properly in any school, some of the history we learn as myths
which are real past events written as described and understood by ancient writers
from their perspective or point of view(or mis-information) but these Powers at Be
wish that you just work your pion slave life for the rich. When anyone gets to close
to any truth it gets debunked with terms like myth/doesn't exist/low energy
plasma(what they use to call UFOs before they could use
satellites)/devil/terrorist/criminal/liar/or when it can't be logically explained
they put another spin-hoax/etc.... with stories that mis-lead or re-direct into some
other story since a lot of humans believe false facts before truthful facts when
reported by a so-called reputable source.

It's human nature to think most people couldn't be liars but they are in fact or
they are really stupid since quite a few hold a worthless piece of paper which were
aquired during a time period when degrees were very easy to obtain due to lower
educational standards most of these people would be mad if they went back to school
now and realize they would have to take way more worthless classes such as history
which gives everyone a diluted picture of humans at the student's cost of carefully
pieced together coarses that omit or re-write parts of this topic we are discussing
calling this type of learning "Broadening your Horizon" or wasting your time while
schools get rich.

From this article has no date but was found in a June 06 UFO link and uses
Skeptical Enquirer writer Bejamin Radford and others to comment or sell their
meaningless book as if these people are knowledgable and have an expert opinion in
this subject and once again they are either really stupid or debunkers, they ommited
all historical true facts, good going you morons you just ruined your sites with me with all the pretty little pictures.

Ten Alien Encounters Debunked

As a longtime investigator of unusual phenomena, I have no doubt that UFOs exist.
UFOs, are, of course, Unidentified Flying Objects, and "unidentified" simply means
that what the eyewitness saw was not immediately recognized by that person, at that
time, under those circumstances. There are many things in the skies that the average
person may not be able to identify from a quick look but that a pilot, a
meteorologist, or an astronomer might instantly recognize. There are also seemingly
unusual experiences that most people may not understand but that a psychologist can
explain. With alien encounters, we find that often an explanation lies not necessarily in the
skies but in our minds. Humans are pattern-seeking creatures, and our brains try
desperately to make sense of things we don’t immediately recognize. Often we are
correct in our assessments of what we see and experience, but many times we simply
misperceive, misunderstand, or misremember.
Those who claim to encounter aliens and see UFOs are sometimes ridiculed as crazy,
but in fact we are all hardwired with the same fallible brains. While some people
seek out the skeptical or scientific explanations, others decide that since they
can’t explain something, no one else can either, and therefore that experience is
mysterious or inexplicable.
So with that, here are 10 alleged alien encounters—those brushes with aliens (or
supposed aliens) that have been definitively debunked over the years.
-- Benjamin Radford

Benjamin Radford is a writer and the managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer science
magazine; he is also author or coauthor of three books, including Hoaxes, Myths, and
Manias: Why We Need Critical Thinking.

I love how Mr. Radford has a self promoted title of being a longtime investigator,
poor guys still investigating or debunking since it can make a nice comfy income
being stupid. He claims UFOs exist which are just unidentified objects but does
admit they exist and most pilots, meteoroligist or astronomers could explain.
millions of sightings for thousands of years going back to the dawn of time in every culture with thousands of artifacts depicting these GODS, then the fact pilots can not discuss any UFOs/ET flown craft, meteorologist and astronomers have many stories but most have been brainwashed into thinking these objects are satellites, imagine satellites flying down from 50,000 or 100,000 feet in one second or imagine that you can call these craft down if your not a worthless ass and speak with the occupants otherwise known as the GODS from ancient history coincidently exactly like what they wrote about in the Old and New Testament.

BR might have so-called knowledge but I have knowledge and experience, enjoy the tongue lashing since you earned this work of art-ticle.

I spoke to a local Astronomer from S.F. State(name omitted) and he has seen
UFOs/flying saucers up where we met him one night on an undisclosed mountain(Mt. omitted) that is our home turf and it is this mountain too where he saw a UFO that was no known space object ever seen, this guy is a longtime S.F. State teacher and if anyone could tell you what an object at night is it would be this guy. I actually saw him again recently at a gathering but didn't chat about UFOs. Me and a friend got a craft to come and light up but there view was blocked by trees vs. our position higher up above them we decided not to turn their night into a UFO/GOD/ET event and went our way, home since we were walking by their get together by coincidence but I did try to point it out by acting stupid myself(what's that:)).

This craft was flying around earlier as usual when we were speaking too the GODS and they were not around for the earlier events but they themselves would be in shock if only some how someone would teach the historical information at some school that would be a start because most think satellite until it does something satellites don't or can't do like fly down and super friends pops out but it would have been cool to get them to fly down for the astronomy group, it was kinda funny like they didn't want the group to see them yet given the flight path and it lit up twice for us before turning invisable(like that Nasa footage) the second time was very intense, everyone but my friend missed it, we did debate for 10 minutes if we should hang out and see if they would put a show on but they kept quiet, demanding things are avoided and surprises are what they give so it equated to me the group was not ready or worthy yet since they could not just accept my word as to what they see.

It's like when they visit me they are making sure at certain times that my eyes are the priviledged which equates to me speaking too them, kinda like ancient history, if you look coincidently there are hundreds of paintings where people are looking up at the sky talking, praying, etc... just look, something 99.9999% of the world does not do any more.

I just say "Thanks" and questions that they answer sometimes or when
they agree with me about current human life such as "It's only good if your rich
down here since the poor get the opposite of society by the rich's hierarchy" that
one definitely got a response and that's the truth since they communicate using
their lights just like a bunch of paintings if anyone at Space/live/Seti ever
bothered to research.

It is factual history and artifacts that the debunkers can't answer logically or
scientifically since there is much from every culture so instead it is all omitted
or called a myth, etc... that's the best they got, act stupidly intelligent, sort of
like that movie "Planet of the Apes" and these inferior lower intelligent humans are still apes in mentality missing the greater things that life has waiting, think
about it, what if humans were all passive and the GODS felt comfortable with walking the Earth again, if you've read Genesis GOD did walk the Earth and he/they was/were a great regular acting guy which he is, just down to earth by our character reference but almighty powerful and if anyone has met the GODS it is truly a treat to life but to know that their cosmic zoo is out of control again:):):):):) is sad, they want a civilized loving world but humans can't even love thy neighbor, well unless your neighbor sells drugs, is a whore house and the cops get called at least once a week then "Love Thy Neighbor" will have to apply after the other party cleans their life up but whom do we blame for the degradation of life, the same people that created the "War on Drugs", it's all relative. It's like if you go to a bad UFO site and they seperate history avoiding the link(religion, spiritual, myths, artifacts, writings) so when you visit these sites you get served one piece of a pie with a re-written recipe. We are supposed to be getting apple pie but get mud pies instead.

Mr. Radford is "Too bad for short legs otherwise my foot would personally find it's way up his ass" the one that lacks an education because he sure does not display
intelligence and needs medical psychiatric help for the brainwashed mind he uses to threaten people. His comment is a threat when he implies people need to see a psychologist. This guy is just another pathetic human slave that serves his human puppet wanna-be GOD-like masters and a complete disgrace to humans past, present and future. Just think a guy implying with no medical degree that you need a psychologist(which is his idea), that is insulting but comical to understand his low I.Q.:):).

Then BR goes off on alien encounters but then implies what he suffers from is what others have or if you like being called delusional in his own way by a guy that has never met you, studied history or even looked up into the sky. This is a clear example of whom the GODS do not want to visit(BR) yet. If our GODS came down and did a mass landing most would not get the spiritually or medical benefit to the ancient connection and the event just might be looked at as visitors just passing by Earth because that is what the news would or wouldn't say, it was flares, no stars, no meteorites, no satellites, no drugs, no vivid imagination, no etc......

You haven't debunked me BR and you all are being laughed at by your GODS, get over it or be known as the bad science project like the previous powerful civilizations that didn't figure it out, misused their knowledge and for some reason all are gone:).

The Powers at Be do not want to lose their manipulation of Religion or the
followers, they wish to keep this a mystical belief that you must follow no matter
what and only their GOD is the only GOD, everyone else is a demon/devil/etc....
causing many in religions not to believe the historical facts or artifacts of their
own religion then these same loons in certain religions curse our GODS through the propaganda internetwork about the subject of UFOs. I am happy the Vatican accepts "Star visitors" but miss the connection/deception to religion, it's about
controlling the minds that are under control so the willing pump that plate full of greenbacks, they blow off Fatima as nothing big which is typical and it's their
history not to forget every other cultures, by claiming different dates, it's fake,
it's etc..... every story will be made to tailor the events.

If they do not want to meet the GODS(get off Earth, just an idea, we do have
rockets, you'll have to find a suitable planet that would be accepting and loving if
populated:):)) and their helpers then they shouldn't study anything
religious/spiritual or discuss anything historical in nature since re-writing the
facts makes them all look stupid or like lower intelligent humans, those critical
thinking skills BR mentions and lacks needs to be preached, otherwise known as
common sense.

10. The story: Science can’t explain how the Great Pyramids of Egypt were constructed; because they are so precisely aligned and designed, aliens must have had a role in creating them
thousands of years ago.

The real story: While many people assume that those living in earlier times (such as the ancient
Egyptians) were not resourceful enough to possibly have created impressive
engineering feats without extraterrestial aid, this is not true. Actually, the
methods by which the pyramids could have been constructed are well documented, and
have appeared in many places including National Geographic magazine and Mark
Lehner’s book The Complete Pyramids. The only real mystery surrounding the pyramids
is why anyone would still think aliens were involved.

Further reading:
Mark Lehner. The Complete Pyramids.

RE;Did you see how this story says "could have been contructed are well documented". The writer fails to mention the pyramids in the Americas, Russia, or China which has the most pyramids over 1,000. Ok, where are those documents:):):):):):):) more B.S. that can not be verified. Explain the ET in the mummy tomb, explain all the GODS in almost every culture, explain the similar stories in most cultures, explain how 25 years ago humans couldn't build a pyramid(other) with 25-1,000 ton stone blocks with the technology from then but they did eons ago, explain the technology gap why for thousands of years they could build massive structures with exact mathematics applied to the engineering and the current humans have only progressed technologically in the last 100 years very rapidly.

Every explaination that has been written about is theory with sometimes great
animation, go build a thousand foot pyramid with those same tools, it can't be done then throw in the historical rumors one was built in a single night. This could only be done by GODLY type of beings which coincidently was recorded in just about every past culture which the current human race calls UFOs/space aliens (you guys slandered the GODS).

The real mystery is why are there so-called educated people that claim knowledge of the Earth which they intermingle science when applying their rubber stamp on the thought so the masses do not correct or realize their true history. It's sad when you help hide the true history of the Earth. Applying or implying
threats/violence, repetitive mis-information for for current thought control(CTC), bringing drugs into the country to create problems or recommending drugs based on people that suffer from aquired problems from a simple repetitive subliminal imply similar to false memory syndrome or people who were exposed to hazardous substances allowed into everyday products consumed by humans thus promoting the need for drugs which is all done to help control a human that does not need to be controlled.

Humans need proper guidance from childhood but constant brainwashing through t.v. or school has caused many to look at history and not see the light the ancient ones spoke of that guided humanity but some where in the past the spiritual guidance our GODS started us with was lost, hidden, destroyed(wars, book burnings), re-written, forgotten, mis-used for personal power or in the name of preventing any other country or people from gaining such knowledge, it makes sense apply their own style to enslave your mind, body and spirit when humans will do anything if they are kept happy through honest means that do not violate everything else in life for our own greedy selves. Greed is a lower intelligence trait.

This is where past modernized civilizations failed and ceased to exist due to their stupidity and the GODS came in and cleaned up the mess as written in quite few
cultures making sure we would see some history but not be tainted by the leftover
technology. This writer is avoiding the oodles of historical information.

Given the curent rate of failure humans have stumped too a new low, history has
recorded a starting over period with one coming up somewhere around, 2011, 2012, 2013 which is information that was recorded thousands of years ago in three cultures Sumerian, Mesoamerican, Peruvian, there are more very similar from Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Hinduism and Native American history, could our current state of crap(YES) be the reason for this starting over period which these highly advanced beings knew we were destined for failure again due to wealth/technological advances causing the control of information for greed that brings enslavement/war into the heavens again in the name of a made up human battle between good and evil but using the gift of knowledge given to humans that was misused against life, humans missing their history that our GODS are very noble and the light, trying to teach humans spirituality and the lack of spiritual influence is the down fall to any life which is not true attributes of a higher intelligent specie, the ability to not reason logically would get humans wiped off the face of this planet if this same mentality is taken into the heavens/space and used against our GODS that have given humanity this knowledge and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg and that iceberg seems to be melting or is on fire.

Our GODS were smart to decrease humans current life expectancy and having the
universe so vast that we could get nowhere if we tried at our rate. To put this into
perspective we are ants stuck on an island with a very short life span, the mainland is like the center of our galaxy which we will never see unless our GODS take us their or they allow us to advance near their level of technology.

9. When alien visitors are not abducting people (see number 2) or implanting things
in them (number 3), or making circles in crops (number 7), they butcher cattle,
either for research purposes or perhaps sadistic amusement. Since the 1970s,
hundreds of animal corpses have been found with unusual or inexplicable features,
including being drained of blood and having their organs removed with "surgical
The real story: Livestock predation has plagued ranchers and farmers for millennia, but it wasn’t
until the last few decades (during the public’s peaking interest in UFOs) that
anyone thought to attribute the deaths to aliens. Research has shown that the
"mysterious" features are in fact quite ordinary and are caused by natural decay
processes and scavenger attacks. Curiously, exactly the same phenomena has been
attributed to not only aliens but also to Satanic cults and the dreaded chupacabra
creature of Hispanic folklore.

Further reading:
Kendrick Frazier, ed. The UFO Invasion.

RE:Well BR humans are the aliens, we are all out in space or the "Heavens" and this is the GODS planet until a civilized truthful world emerges from the depths of the influential evil humans or the real demons according to redefined or corrected Christian terminology by me:):):):):). The real contact stories are good just like what they wrote in ancient history.

The GODS visit their children and takes them into the heavens/space(I've been in
space it's wierd feeling but so cool:) so if your not visited then you could be an "EVIL DEMON HUMAN":):):):)(that's an original) or just an ass(that's the truth), as to implants it makes a great story, it could be true, Hmmmmm, to bad females don't come back with "boob implants" so we could retire another pathetic medical practice that contradicts a Doctors oaths to help humanity, instead they over charge and gouge the business so some guy can stare at some women who use their big breast for personal reasons of satisfaction/control and some link to cattle mutilations could be theorized if you try BR.

Cattle mutilations just is a laugh in a calf. Has anyone ever been in a slaughter
house, does anyone have any idea how many cattle are slaughtered to be showcased in the supermarket as your delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner and we are just talking cattle, 100's of millions of cattle are slaughtered every year for your next meal, billions of chickens, millions of pigs, etc.... If the Govt. was smart they would say to the ranchers "Our GODS are doing experiments" they would feel much better then the current tension they cause and ignore.

If you see Codex Zouch-Nutalle it has what appears to be what the UFO community calls "Greys" doing a medical experiment, current humans are dumb and it did take our GODS help to figure that one out.

I do like the predator story since predators only drain blood through a small hole
through the chest cavity through the heart, take one ear and eye, some lip and a cored out rectum with laser surgical cutting
which could be the result of having the carcass dumped scavenged by vultures since this behavior has been seen in our area by vultures parading around the inside of a dead cow through the ass with laser cutters that did not suffer any other irregulariries known in so-called mutilation/experimant cattle so what do you believe the facts or fairy tales of predators, anything dead attracts scavengers and the deaths have never been explained officially through a detailed report, just private autopsies. BR wins again with scavengers and super high-tech tool theory.

BR still doesn't explain the surgical precision by vultures/wolves/etc... he speaks about but Satanic cults
have superior technology to hospitals folks which explains all the bad
mouthing:):):):):):) of why you shouldn't practice Satanism but then goes way off
and "blames it" on "Chupacabras" which is a spin-off of dis-information(fake-real story syndrome-rumor), these medical
experiments/mutilations occur all over the world, nobody ever see's these Chupa's except some small town in sleepy little ol crazy mexico, go figure, unknown creatures and super elite beings do still exist on this planet and humans continue to make new discoveries every day or discoveries of something old dying/dead by human mistakes. The Satanist sacrifice small babies(rumor mill) and the chupa's eat chickens or small farm life according to Mexican folklore, see the spin.

I will not rule out scavengers combined with natural causes of death
maybe the cows are dying of a spongyform encephalitis, just a thought of why this is occurring, no logical explaination of the cause of death is truly talked about by
Govt. sources and factual re-written garbage is fed to the masses since saying the
dead cows alone are myths or rumors unless you happen to read a private autopsy of a recovered cow which BR couldn't medically challenge since he has no medical degree but recommends a pyschologist implying you are mentally unstable if you see a UFO or maybe BR is illiterate since his spin is sometimes barely a paragraph of others work or maybe he needs to go too lenscrafters or even worse back to school, which we all should.

I am not sure why dead cows in various parts of the world were not put in fields and time lapsed to see if the predators actually do similar damage but such research might cause the " news spinners" to concoct more stories of B.S. to make it all sound pretty, don't forget to buy the book "The UFO invasion" which will logically explain everything in a slanted way, the name contradicts UFOs/flying saucers do not exist which is the writers argument.

8. The story: Area 51 is where the U.S. government stores and studies extraterrestrial bodies and
aircraft, including the unfortunate (and apparently poorly-trained) alien pilots
that crashed in Roswell. Some even say that it is an officially-sanctioned landing
base for spaceships.
The real story: The simple fact of the matter is that the public doesn’t really know much about what
goes on at the military base near Groom Dry Lake, Nevada (popularly but not
officially called Area 51). It is a top secret military base, and there are of
course perfectly legitimate government and military reasons for keeping the base’s
purposes secret that have nothing to do with aliens or UFOs; 60 Minutes
correspondent Leslie Stahl suggested that the area may be a dumping ground for toxic
waste. There’s no reason to think that anything alien is going on there, but where
there is secrecy, there will be conspiracy.
Further reading:

Robert Carroll. The Skeptic’s Dictionary. Available at

RE:This is the only correct fact stated by this writer that Groom Lake is a secret
military base. The Govt. has no national Secrecy that would cause harm to our
country or the worlds if this information was public since it is but operates
recklessly at taxpayer expense engineering their tools of death, where there is
military there is a toxic dump nearby.

Hitler's Germany kept secrets and this country hired many Nazis after WWII to work in bases like these keeping information secret like the Nazis creating self promoted problems to do a world takeover at the expense of killing other life, maybe the Nazis used mind control on the previous Americans when they captured them and they have no idea they were fooled. How did they go from being mass murderers committing genocide to being on a secret Govt. bankroll that every American at the time would have puked over if known.

Then the writer promotes the meaningless skepdic dictionary unless your a skepdic that contradicts some historical facts pertaining to this subject but they don't respond to questions they can't answer, so just spin the story.

7. The story: Aliens are the most likely explanation for the mysterious circles and other designs
that occasionally appear in farmers’ fields. They are some sort of sign or message
that humans have not yet deciphered.
The real story: Despite films like Signs, there is no evidence that crop circles are made by alien
intelligences. Hoaxing is by far the best explanation for crop circles—far more so
than aliens who supposedly travel across the vast universe to reach Earth, only to
flatten wheat in rural English and American farms as some sort of information.
(You’d think that aliens with superior intelligence would realize their messages
aren’t getting through, and be a little more direct.)

Further reading:
Kevin Christopher. "CSICOP Crop Circle Experiments." Available at

RE:Crop circles have been known to be made by humans especially in Britain that have nothing better to do then to watch their teeth fall out and make crop circles. There is a small percentage that are truly unexplainable and most likely are from UFO/ET craft landing since real sites have very unexplainable evidence.

I don't think they want to speak with BR types, your GODS love you but you must love all life, have acceptance, understanding, consideration, respect, etc.... do you see BR and the rest having any respect givin what they hide.

6. The story: Proof that intelligent alien life exists in the universe can be found on Mars—or so
claims Richard Hoagland, author of the book The Monuments of Mars: A City on the
Edge of Forever. According to Hoagland, NASA photographs of the Cydonia region of
Mars show a human-like face. According to Hoagland, this must have been constructed
by intelligent beings and indicates that there are (or were) alien cities on Mars.
The real story: The "Face on Mars" is an example of imagination and wishful thinking. The
photographs that show an area vaguely resembling a face on Mars were taken by the
Viking 1 Orbiter in 1976. Since then, far better photographs have been taken of Mars
(for example, by the Mars Global Surveyor in 1998). They show that the area is
heavily eroded, and the "face" was simply a combination of low image resolution and
tricks of light and shadow.

Further reading:
Phil Plait’s Web site Bad Available at:

RE: I don't really get into the face on Mars issue so you win BR on this one, you may keep your dirt mound, a dirt mound.

5. The story: The 1947 "Roswell Incident" (see number 1) got a boost of credibility in 1995 when a
grainy, black-and-white film surfaced. The top-secret film (shot by the military and
showing a post-mortem dissection of an alien body) was touted as evidence of what
some UFO buffs had claimed all along: that alien bodies had been recovered by the
U.S. government.
The real story: Soon after the alien autopsy footage was broadcast on Fox television, serious doubts
were raised about the authenticity of the film. Skeptics (and even many UFO
researchers) branded the film a hoax, pointing out anachronisms and inconsistencies
in the film. Yet because the Roswell story is so short on evidence, others clung to
the autopsy footage as real. Earlier this year, the special effects artist who
created the alien confessed that it was in fact a hoax.

Further reading:
Joe Nickell. "Alien Autopsy Hoax." Skeptical Inquirer, November/ December 1995.

RE:I think Roswell did happen, there are too many military people(300+) that worked at Roswell and all claim it did occurr but BR disregards all those people to be a traitor to his fellow countrymen who have a much better education, knowledge or reputation then this writer since he is very short on any evidence which shows his lack of research in this subject.

The alien autopsy was most likely done to guage public reation while debunking the matter when someone could claim it to be a hoax. The aliens in the film have never been seen by me so to say it's real is premature but then it aired on FOX so it's fake because the only real stuff they show is when someone is getting arrested or killed(enemy).

4. The story: On June 24, 1947, the modern UFO era began when a man named Kenneth Arnold saw nine
“flying saucers” moving at high speed near Mount Rainer, Washington. Soon others
began reporting seeing similar UFOs, spawning a “flap.”
The real story: The phrase "flying saucer," so familiar to Americans and UFO buffs, is the result of
a reporter’s error. After interviewing Arnold about his sighting, a reporter from
the Eastern Oregonian newspaper reported that Arnold saw round, aerial objects (in
fact he said they were "crescent shaped"). Arnold stated that the objects "flew
erratic, like a saucer if you skip it across the water"—not that what he saw
resembled an actual saucer. Yet that "saucer" interpretation stuck, prompting many
eyewitnesses to repeat (and hoaxers to duplicate) Arnold’s nonexistent description.
This strongly shows the role of suggestion in UFO sightings; as skeptic Marty
Kottmeyer asks, "Why would extraterrestrials redesign their craft to conform to [the
reporter’s] mistake?"

RE:This is where "YOU LOSE" BR. The modern UFO era did not begin with the Kenneth Arnold sighting and some dumb reporters error, these are the writer's words or news "DECEPSPINS". The first photo I found was taken in Ward, CO April, 1929 and there are events recorded past, present and future to 1929(WWII). You are burned BR by your lack of knowledge or research. I am making the point that this person is a spook debunker with no research to his material.
BR can't explain the hundreds of religious paintings with UFOs/flying saucers in
them that go back thousands of years in many religions. Christianity has
literally hundreds of paintings to it's credit that Christians are clueless too or
the correct interpretation of their religous texts.

3. The story: As part of nefarious experiments, aliens have implanted various objects in human
abductees. Victims have found small foreign objects in their bodies and come to
realize they had been abducted. Several alien implants have been recovered, and when
they are scientifically tested, they are found to be indestructible or of materials
not found on Earth.
The real story: Joe Nickell, a columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, noted that “Since 1994
alleged implants have been surgically recovered but they’ve become remarkably
diverse: one looks like a shard of glass, another a triangular piece of metal, still
another a carbon fiber, and so on. None was located in the brain or nasal cavity,
instead being recovered from such extremities as toe, hand, shin, external ear,
etc.; some were accompanied by scars while others were not. As physicians know, a
foreign object can enter the body unnoticed, as during a fall, or while running
barefoot in sand or grass—even as a splinter from a larger impacting object.” People
find all sorts of weird things in their bodies, but so far none are of alien origin.

Further reading:
Joe Nickell. "Alien Implants: The New ‘Hard Evidence." Skeptical Inquirer, September
/ October 1998.

I can't really get into detail here except that people are having strange things
removed from their body attached to nerves or skin:) and it is possible according to the writer that has no medical degree but rewrites what other Doctors have researched saying you get any foreign material into your body attaching itself to nerves like the so-called implants by simply being a stupid careless human but a new spin is that the aliens implant these things when you step or grab something so it looks like a piece of glass, metal, ball bearing, collagen or anal probe that could insert such device that Whitley Streiber might have missed, etc..... was accidently lodged into your body, it's worth just argueing with the writer to push his buttons in this case. Two sides, two views.

2. The story: Hundreds of people claim to have been abducted by aliens, especially during in the
1980s. They were subjected to rape, experiments and implantations (see number 3),
and other bodily intrusions. Several prominent researchers, including Harvard’s John
Mack, supported the claims and wrote books about these victims.
The real story: There may be several causes of the alien abduction experience. Many of these
experiences are only recovered years later, during psychological treatment for other
issues. Research has proven that false memories can be created in the course of
therapy by careless psychologists. People can actually come to believe they were
abducted or abused when they were not. Other researchers have shown that a common
psychological process called sleep paralysis may be misinterpreted as an alien

Millions have been visited usually the smart and here is the psychological crap again. The rape story was from Whitely Striebers (whom is fake) book when he was annally raped by what he calls GOD now. I never had any implantations or experiments done except medical check ups but did get laid by a hot chick and was she "HOT" as "HUMAN HOT"(Thank you GOD). GOD is about creation and most think he just claps his hands to make life which is only partially true since it signals the "Babe Goddess's" in the room to commence. Islam watch out me and Boa have nailed two of those seventy two virgins, 5 billion people and only 70 remain everyone else will have a baby with a bulbous head child:):):):).

The recovered memories are bad, also called false memory syndrome, hypnotism is a fraud that is not accepted in any court of law due to false memory syndrome, BR calls his once recommended psychologist "careless" similar to the bad guys that rewrite history.

Hypnotist are to blame for all the really bad stories since the bad stories only came from people hypnotised and Hollywood. Travis Walton and "Fire in the Sky" is a good example of a good story gone bad.

Sleep paralysis is real creating a hieghtened sense of awareness that sometimes is uncorfortable and can be slightly terrifying similar to what ancient writer's wrote in the Old Testament when they went up into the Heaven's. I myself experienced a brief period which stopped when the GODS showed themselves to me under no paralysis which they turned off when awaking me. Now these GODS/Angels no longer induce this to see what my reaction to their presence is since they are accepted and understood.

The sleep paralysis experience is equal to humans tranquilizing animals when they do medical checks or specie research. If humans induce this state then they aretrying to debunk the truth to what people experience by creating an artificial answer.

1. The StoryThe most famous UFO crash in history occurred in 1947, on a ranch just outside of
Roswell, a dusty New Mexican town. Mysterious debris and alien bodies (see number 5)
were recovered, spirited away in a government cover-up.
The real story: There was indeed a cover-up of what crashed outside Roswell, but authorities were
hiding not a crashed alien saucer but a weather balloon from a secret spy program
called Project Mogul. The debris described by the original eyewitnesses exactly
matches the balloons used in the program; the fanciful stories of alien bodies did
not appear until much later. The Roswell Incident was in fact only one of many
similar (and clearly folkloric) stories of crashed vessels containing alien bodies
and debris—some dating back nearly 100 years earlier.

Further reading:
Philip J. Klass. The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup.
Robert Bartholomew and Benjamin Radford. Hoaxes, Myths, and Manias: Why We Need
Critical Thinking.

RE:Roswell did happen and BR can argue with the 300+ Govt. whistle blowers(you like that re-spin) he just discredited that he fails to mention because most would see his lack of research and critical thinking skills thus not buying his future books to read but to keep warm at night by providing heat via fire. Why would some advanded beings crash or intervene, you tell me?.

BR mentions many folklore tales going back 100 or more years. Wow, imagine people making stories of visitors from space before Roswell or making petro-, geoglyphs or paintings depicting UFOs or ETs/GODS.

BR and you are both another traitor to the human race and have an
extremely low intelligence's that serves a criminal purpose of deceit and fraud.

The only job by these groups or individuals is controlled release of information to
control your thought process otherwise if you knew the truth one would see a bunch of lying criminals creating a world racket for monetary and political gain while hiding behind so-called self promoted reputable people who unknowingly

do their dirty work.

Just because someone has a degree does not make them a spiritually gifted person (which only honest people can obtain) but when misused just makes a more cunning criminal.

Anyone can check the INTERNET for any of the information above or my links at call your own UFO and don't forget to buy the books listed above by BR since all the information is FREE on the INTERNET.

See the article for yourself.
One of BRs sources or plagiarism of di Joe Nickell and CICAP, busted BR you can't re-write someone else's work and not use their name, that is called "PLAGIARISM", you also didn't add your own ideas but used others which is more "PLAGIARISM":):):):). You should have published CICAPS story in full and state the writer because nothings worse then hacking to pieces others shoddy work and then putting your name on it after you carefully insert various words which could be an idea(psychologist,etc..), that's a genius.
You can debunk all your country men and women. Disclosure Project-National Press Club Washington, D.C. 5-9-2001. The best part is when our Govt. says they shot a GOD/angel/ET/etc.... or that there were at the time 57 species cataloged.
You can debunk these other Doctors and Universities,etc... Close encounters-Proof of alien contact.
These are my favorite UFO sites which contain a great deal of historical information you can debunk.
Tomb mummy story.
I also like these sites but certain information is questionable, they do have very good information that is relavent. Should correlate the text and UFO information. Interviews fake promoters of fake UFO contactee-Michael Horn for Billy Meire. It's obvious BUFO was had by a con man, if only they would have read what mad man meires has written the interview might have never happened. Maybe BUFO was impressed with the people(deardorf,stevens,etc..) who claim they investigated meires and the other promoters or so-called scholar of the fake TJ text that does not or has not ever existed just read the story it's a fairey tale(read line 47-48 of the TJ then read meires other work), these are the same spinnilist that debunk other facts while blending a new outlook on history with old history. What's horrible is these same clowns put stuff on Youtube or other sites of the same old meires dubbed film footage and photos promoting the crap to the stupid usually under fake names.
BUFO please investigate your subjects you promote since these clowns ruin reputations. I do like the other info.

Information on BRs Satanism spin rumor that lacks any cow connection. The Vatican even teaches coarses in Satanism, you should see when they do the sacrificing part, it's babies ripped from indigent mothers wombs by the Pope himself then they all have lunch and talk politics, it's a spin-rumor:):):):):).


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