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I hope everyone has a good New Year.

Merry Christmas or Merry Christianmas or Merry Jesus Christ-mas and to be equal Merry Anti-Christmas or Merry Anti-Christianmas or Merry Anti Jesus Christmas to those that are or are not waiting for some grand apocalypse which made this post but might not have possible.

It's always nice having a similar name to any religion that worships and crucifies you all at the same time.

I have always wondered what the hoopla was about this Anti-Christ but find out instead it stems from interpreted or misinterpreted scripture blown way out of proportion going back many centuries that is related to the Church and previous followers being called ANTI-CHRIST by followers of the real Christian doctrine of the other half of the Bible with Christ and the roots of it's origins he was trying to teach.

It's OK for those that this may apply too and that is why change is good but this must be mentioned for those trying too hard to make a difference if it's intentional or accidental due to something becoming skewed along the way and this is just to bring it out into the light.

It's disturbing to see some people on the Internet or anywhere making unfounded ridiculous comments pertaining to this subject when they are speaking of themselves.

So whom is against Christ could it be the work of the devil or is the devil another excuse.

Satanism is a branch of Christianity/Catholicism and did not exist previously to the modern day Christian/Catholic ideology thus giving Satanism it's foundation from the Christian/Catholic perspective, how could something exist before it was made up and the meaning of Satan now has no relation to the religions original meaning of Satan. I researched the subject and there are a few symbolism from the era that have no real relation or does any ancient meaning relating to a Devil in the Christian/Catholic Biblical interpretation with most coming from the Christian-Judaic interpretation from more recent times. You can call something Judaic Christianity but if you change or omit the Judaic meaning then you are not practicing the original religion from where the information was derived. Jewish scholars even argue amongst themselves to be "Correct" and with Christian/Catholic scholars that have the opposite view due to their ineptitude to see the big picture or just interpret scripture and history correctly together instead of omitting all other history for the "Bible". Everyone has a piece of the puzzle and if you destroy or change a piece to that puzzle the "Big Picture" will not be the same no matter how hard you attempt to rewrite the puzzle.

I kinda made a handy check list of Anti-Christian ideology if any of it applies to you maybe you could be Anti-Christian.

What is the Anti-Christ that many followers speak of, is this just another myth or was it a message to future followers to "Practice what they Preach". It's sad that so many within the religion try to do so much good but their effort is being spoiled by quite a few rotten apples that use this phrase in an extreme manner completely out of context like much of their religious doctrine.

It is Anti-Christian to lie about whom the GODs are to the followers.
It is Anti-Christian to rewrite the 10 COMMANDMENTS or any part of the Bible to justify lower human thinking traits.
If you kill when GOD said "Thou shalt' not kill" makes you Anti-Christian.
If you promote killing it is Anti-Christian.
If you do any of the above you are definitely Anti-Christian.
If you blasphemy any of GODs Angels without due justification because someone in your religion told you too is Anti-Christian, name calling is childish and Anti-Christian.
If you RAPE little boys or girls you are Anti-Christian.
If you RAPE little boys or girls while serving as an ambassador to the GODs you are definitely Anti-Christian.
If you RAPE little boys or girls and create special rules to silence such accusations you are definitely EXTREMELY ANTI-CHRISTIAN.
It is Anti-Christian to sexually mutilate little boys for a religious tradition that GOD never told Moses to do because of it's UNGODLIKE NATURE which most likely stems from priest preferring circumcised boys for pederasty which historically goes back to Biblical times with the Church and other religions/cultures(They were all stupid).
It's Anti-Christian to run Government/Corporation controlled sex rings.
It's Anti-Christian to allow the Cartels a new free lane across the border every hour at every crossing (God knows many secrets).
If you do not respect the real GODs but worship false idols you are Anti-Christian.
If you steal religious knowledge not understanding what it is truly about abusing that information for your own personal gain making up GODs is Anti-Christian.
If you destroy or deface ancient walls in Babylon or ruin anything where the Bible started in Mesopotamia you are Anti-Christian.
It is Anti-Christian being an extremely radical hypocritical nut case saying Homosexuality is an abomination when GOD was just trying to create a balanced human between male and female.
It is Anti-Christian to say Homosexuality is an abomination but then hire and invite two of the best known GAY PORN STARS to the Bohemian Grove to have sex with all the elite.
Anti-Christian to deceive your followers by rewriting the 10 Commandments to justify all actions that go against what is written.
(I'll keep adding too this list)

It's Anti-Christian and treasonous when a family that funded the Nazis in "World War Two" which paid for the holocaust that killed millions of Jews totes the Jewish version of Biblical text using the history out of context to murder more people worldwide and to kill the people of where that Bible started. A member of this same family has been accused of helping to assassinate former Presidents, Attorney Generals and Civil Rights leaders, creating the "War on Drugs" while they bring in large amounts of cocaine to destroy the people validating the need for such action, controlled judges in cases that involved accusations of pedeaphilic rape connected to an elite political sex ring that has plagued the world, taking part of a world wide genocide program at American taxpayer expense to control a piece of land which is all controlled by corrupt Government officials whom have abused their authority. A person in this same family has destroyed what the United States is about from a "Constitutional" argument to protect themselves from the modern day holocaust they have created destroying under false pretenses their own people and the children of Abraham or where their Bible originally started, this same person has bilked the country dry creating an atmosphere where the country must sell itself to other countries because this person has been printing money irresponsibly without the "Gold Reserves" required to keep a stable economic balance which is why many countries are switching currencies, this person expects Mexico and Canada to save the U.S. from an economic depression by creating the "Amero" for his failures.

It has been quite disturbing seeing these radical religious on the Internet defending their view by claiming the Bible did not start in Mesopotamia, it's insane incorrect historical garbage.

These same hooligans do not like the messenger or GODs whom will have a voice for the small people that have been disenfranchised or robbed by a few criminal elite, you must deal with your problems if something in your life was wrong and that is why realizing ones faults and then changing is so great.

I guess GOD has to come down again and smack all of you hypocrytes up side the head or spanked with the 10 Commandmants, you might have a choice if you pray:):):):):).

TICK TOCK , TICK TOCK<:0. Here are the examples and representatives of Christianity and Catholicism, it does not express everyone. If you research all these links you will see the direct evidence between UFOs, the Govt. and Religion. "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" . If you ask the priest/clergy anything they'll say "Satan made them do everything wrong" whom is a real Angel of God in Christianity and flies what we now call a UFO, do you see the link it doesn't take a genius, the religious have been acknowledging this the whole time(blame,blame,blame,mock,mock,mock for doing wrong just like history).:)

"MAY THE GODS PROTECT EVERYONE" Conspiracy of Silence: 1980's documentary involving the politically elite that was covered up in the "Franklin Scandal". A U.S. president is accused of raping a boy at a political orgy in legal court documents.

Franklin Coverup Scandal

Sex crimes and the Vatican: Documentary on the child abuse cover up.
Phil Saviano - CNN interview, Vatican Secrets

"Not-so-perfect" perfect diocese of Knoxville
Where's the Perp? Vol. 1
Where's the Perp? Vol. 2 - St. John Neumann, Knoxville, TN


Trading Spouses - Crazy Lady - "I'm a God warrior". These are the nuts.

Pat Robertson regarding God. Pat Robertson demonizing all other cultures GODs.

Pat Robertson Nazi Moment. Pat calling other people killers.

Colbert's DeLay Ad. Tom Delay steals $100 million dollars and wants us to see Jesus in him.

Jesus Camp: this is what happens when people take information and have no idea what they are doing with it. It's very Anti-Christian to dress children up in war uniforms barking out the word "WAR" in a lunatic frenzied state.

Prison Planet main Page to stories below.

Portugal shamed by child sex"Casa Pia director Catalina Pestana, who took over after the scandal broke, says doctors found more than a hundred of the 4500 current pupils had been repeatedly sexual abused, most aged between 10 and 13. In many cases, she adds, their muscle and tissue were so damaged that they suffered internal injuries".

6,000 children smuggled to the west each year for sex
DynCorp Disgrace

Does U.S. abet Korean sex trade?"The Pentagon wants to know if military patrols stood by when troops socialized with women coerced into prostitution".

Barroso bombed-off to Bilderberg meeting

Nato force 'feeds Kosovo sex trade'

U.N. Finally Forced to Probe Its Pedophilia Scandal

Child sex claim rocks Cabinet

Government officials in sex trafficking ring arrested

Dutroux 'worked on orders of child-sex ring'

A growing number of adolescent girls from eastern Europe are being sold into sex slavery in the west".Teenagers 'used for sex by UN in Bosnia'

Chilean elites caught in child porn ring

This is just a sample

Nothing like going from "Gods chosen people" to "The Anti-christ".

The image is Satan in a court session judging somebody?


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